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I was a graduate of Fashion design school at l’Académie des Grands Couturiers Canadiens Richard Robinson in 1991. I then followed-up with an Interior decorating diploma in 1994.

I mostly import fashion and accessories from France, Italy and the United Kingdom, to mention a few…I carefully select each piece personally. There is nothing in my inventory I wouldn’t wear proudly. My vintage line is mostly from the 1920s to 1960s eras, chosen at auctions around the world. Before they are even presented on my website, they are individually freshly laundered, meticulously repaired even transformed at times. The Filliae house designs are a collection that I hand-create individually to be unique pieces. I offer a personal online fashion stylist service; simply fill the “contact stylist” form and I shall quote you a fee.

I am a straight descendant of great fashionistas: my mother has always been the most impeccably attired woman with a flair for in home style. I was also blessed with two very talented seamstress grand-mothers, quite creative women really, they had earned the envy of their peers, at times, award winning. I swell with pride here and think on them whenever I put thread to needle. I am French Canadian born, however I do admit to having a penchant for the UK. Oh how I dream of it perpetually…

The reason for my doing this is simple: I strive for a beautiful world, where women are empowered and find themselves pretty, happy and walking with their heads held high feeling they can take on anything!
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Please ensure of your measurements as there are no returns.
However, do feel free to contact me for any questions or comments as I am always willing to help and make sure you are pleased.
UK: £6.00 Europe: £6.00 Rest of the World: £6.00
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.

TELEPHONE: 8195932195